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Introducing Our Castor Wheels

Castor wheels are an important part of many industrial environments, mobilising trolleys and various other handling equipment to improve productivity in the workplace. Consisting of wheels that are attached to castor frames, castor wheels enable workers to safely and efficiently carry out everyday manual handling tasks. At Reflex Equip, we have multiple castor wheel options available, including those with various material types and applications.

Our Range of Industrial Castor Wheels

Our castor wheels come in either swivel or rigid frame types. While swivel castor wheels can turn 360 degrees in any direction, rigid castor wheels (also known as fixed castor wheels) can only be moved forwards and backwards in a straight line. Since our castor wheels are available in varying frame types, material types, load capacities and dimensions, it is important that you choose one that suits the environment of your workplace and your intended applications.

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Castor Wheels

Many of our castor wheels can be divided into three categories: light duty, medium duty and heavy duty applications.

Our light duty castor wheels are engineered to transport light loads, typically those between 20kg and 200kg. They are commonly used with trolleys, carts, furniture dollies, hotel racks, food service racks and others. With a load rating of 50kg, our "K" Grey Rubber Castor Wheel - 75mm - Bolt Hole Swivel - Plain Bearing is a prime example of this, as it is suitable for many light trolley applications. The grey rubber on this castor wheel is shock absorbing, minimising vibration and protecting both the load and the equipment life. These castor wheels are also non-marking, helping them to smoothly preserve floor surfaces, and their plain bearings allow them to be used in corrosive environments as the polymer bearings will not rust.

Suitable for loads between 50kg and 600kg, our medium duty castor wheels are generally used with linen carts, work platforms, roll cages and stock trolleys. An example of these medium duty castor wheels is our "O" Series Hi Resilience Castor Wheel - 100mm - Plate Fixed - Ball Bearing, which has a 300kg load capacity and high resilience non-marking blue rubber that makes for easy rolling over bumps and uneven floor surfaces. As these castor wheels have ball bearings, they have low friction and low push effort, making for swift manoeuvring in the workplace.

Reflex Equip’s selection of heavy duty castor wheels are suitable for loads ranging between 450kg and 3500kg, depending on the castor wheel. They are commonly used for automotive parts, shipping containers and multi-purpose industrial trolleys. Heavy duty castor wheels such as our "V" Series Polyurethane on Cast Iron Castor Wheel - 203mm - Plate Fixed - Ball Bearing can withstand higher load capacities than most other castor wheel types. The polyurethane on these industrial castor wheels also offers long tread life and protects floors. With ball bearings, zinc-plating and a durable heat-treated steel construction, these castor wheels provide durable manoeuvrability on all kinds of surfaces.

High Temperature Castor Wheels

The standard castor wheel that Reflex Equip supplies has a temperature range of 5° Celsius to 60° Celsius. That being said, we provide three types of castor wheels for applications above 60°C. The first is glass filled nylon castor wheels, like our "J" High Temp Nylon Castor Wheel - 100kg - 100mm - Bolt Hole Swivel - 150°C to 210°C. These high temperature castor wheels are suitable for applications between 150° Celsius and 210° Celsius, and are commonly used for hospitality-based tasks such as food baking ovens. With their fibreglass reinforcement, these nylon castor wheels are the preferred castor wheel for extended periods of up to 210° Celsius (assuming most of their life is spent outside the oven), and for short periods up to 230° Celsius.

The second high temperature castor wheel we offer is phenolic castor wheels, which are suitable for applications between 100° Celsius and 300° Celsius. Castor wheels like our "M" High Temp Phenolic Castor Wheel - 40-100kg - 100mm - Plate Swivel - 100°C to 300°C are more brittle than glass filled nylon and have shorter life cycles, but can go up to very high temperatures. Note however that the load capacity decreases from 125kg at 100° Celsius to 40kg at 300° Celsius.

Our final type of high temperature castor wheel is cast iron castor wheels, which are ideal for use between 200° Celsius to 400° Celsius. These high temperature castor wheels are the best choice for industrial applications like paint curing ovens and other sustained high temperature environments. Therefore, castor wheels like our "M" High Temp Cast Iron Castor Wheel - 100kg - 75mm - Bolt Hole Swivel - 200°C to 400°C can withstand extreme high temperatures and higher load capacities than all other castor wheel types.

Note that with all high temperature castor wheels, you must specify the temperature and type of application before ordering to ensure that the appropriate castor wheel is selected.

Low Temperature Castor Wheels

Likewise, we also supply castor wheels for temperatures below 5° Celsius. For example, our "M" Low Temp Nylon Castor Wheel - 70kg - 75mm - Bolt Hole Swivel is a glass filled nylon castor wheel that is ideal for hospitality-based applications in chilling rooms and in freezing stores. With quiet operation on most floor surfaces and the ability to be used down to temperatures of -30° Celsius, this castor wheel can ensure smooth and efficient use.

Please note that as we offer a number of different grease options for our low temperature castor wheels, it is important to specify the temperature you intend to use them in when ordering. This is to make sure the appropriate grease is applied and your employees can employ safely. You can specify the temperature in the “Order Instructions/Comments” section of the Checkout, and we will contact you to verify your selection.

Additional Castor Wheels

Apart from the castor wheels mentioned above, we also have refrigerator castor wheels, healthcare castor wheels, pneumatic castor wheels and a number of wheel options available.

About Reflex Equip

Our industrial castor wheels are ideal for use with a variety of trolleys and goods transportation equipment. With our wide range of products that prioritise safety and efficiency, Reflex Equip is your trusted supplier of industrial castor wheels Australia.